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On the Road

Coming up, reporting live on a trip around Europe in my converted Sprinter van as a…

Freewheel Coach…

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Back in 1991, half way to Mecca from Germany on an old bus, as I looked down at the book in my hands, ‘Journey to the Lord of Power’ by Ibn Arabi, I suddenly realised the inward journey to my true self was what the trip was all about. I have since come to realise that every journey has in inner equivalent, which can be made conscious and used for good.

An old-fashioned traditional wooden coach that would usually be horse-drawn, it is about 2.5m long and standing on stone tiles indoors in a museum.

An early coach, Kosc Museum, Hungary.
Photo: Koppány Zoltán

This will be an eleven-week integrated work-sojourn round Europe. Life itself is a journey or process and as I incorporate my support work into the trip, I want to demonstrate and share with you what I learn in the context of the link between life, service, work and travel.

As an integral life-coach and dialogue facilitator, I’m always aware of life’s potential for presenting opportunities to learn and grow.

Hop aboard!

The original meaning of the word coach is to carry (from the Hungarian kocsi, the German kotsche and Middle French coche). The meaning for a coach as an instructor or trainer first came about in approximately 1830; it was used as slang at Oxford University for a tutor who “carries” a student through an exam. Coach in sport came about around 1861.

We invite you to climb aboard our virtual coach and perhaps learn something for yourself.

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See you!

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