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Pros and Cons of Patreon

So here’s my thoughts on trying to work out whether to set up a Patreon, specifically for my planned ten-week trip in my van around Europe. Do you know what Patreon is? It’s a crowdfunding platform for artists and creators to receive small amounts of financial support from lots of individual people in order to live and continue delivering their creativity to those people. Historically, artists and creative people don’t earn much but are often funded in other ways, which is why organisations like the Arts Council were set up. Patreon is the same idea but cuts out the middleman. Patreons (donators) get ‘rewards’ like exclusive content, opportunities and free merch, like a membership, depending on the amount you pledge.

After some reflection I realised Patreon (and other internet monetising etc.) are direct income, whereas it’s indirect income that I’ll probably benefit more from. I intend to do this by providing creative content (blogs, videos etc. about the trip) and disseminating information thereby oiling both social and business networks. It’s a more ‘steady’ and grounded approach that suits me and what I do.

Anyway, here’s that list.

I’m not sexy and don’t want a TV personality
I don’t like making and sending out stickers and beer mug holders
I don’t want to appeal to the masses
Most of what I’m about hasn’t mass market appeal
I need to do my job
I need to write my book

I’m going to make videos anyway

So the CONS have won and I won’t be setting up a Patreon.

You can however donate though, so please do.

Nice one.

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