Creative practice really helps my coaching and dialogue work and keeps me connected to the spontaneous and playful energies we too often lose touch with.

Published writing

‘Autism Dialogue’ (chapter). The World Needs Dialogue. Penwell, Garrett (editors). Dialogue Publications. London, 2018. Buy from Amazon UK.

‘This Being Human’. Poems & photographs (self-published)

Two books coming out in 2022

‘Nobody’s Fault But Mine.’ Memoir. To be available in print and download.

‘This Being Human’. Poems & photographs. 2nd edition, print and download.

Street photography

We are all more connected together than we’ll ever know. Photographing people in the street connects me to myself and others and helps to balance me when out in public, which can be overwhelming. I can even let my lively attention take over, at the same time feel more in control. Street photography is an art, you can enjoy many of my photos at and buy any of my prints.

two bright colourful women in a gallery, one behind the other facing a colourful abstract painting
Hepworth Gallery


Visual arts and communication.

Occasionally I have spells that last a few weeks, churning out art with ink and paint, seeking new compositions, manifestations, shapes, letterforms, symbols of undiscovered meaning….

I began my writing and graphical art journey as a youngster and learned to read Arabic after being mesmerised by its forms. I took more short courses in design, calligraphy, gilding and heraldry and started a small business teaching and producing art and making shop signage. Whether using squirrel-hair brushes, gold-leaf on calf-skin vellum or black calligraphy ink on handmade paper, for me, the traditions of sophisticated mark-making and graphical artistry hold a deep magic and presence.

In 2009 on the Contemporary Fine Art BA, I spent the whole first year trying to unite my inner and outer world with oils on a single 1.2m square canvas. I then had the opportunity to experiment with live art, presence, intersubjectivity and Bohm Dialogue, my final degree show piece was documentation of my engaging directly with people in the town centre, through the lens, handshakes and antics with long cotton thread. They were odd times.

Introduced to Bohm Dialogue at uni, I found it could frame group consciousness, being a purely creative form of intersubjective communication, with thought and the spoken word as the tools, even tapping directly into live mechanisms of interaction and relational sense-making. In 2008, during a session with about eight students and lecturers, I had the experience of witnessing what I can only describe as a large bubble of intuitive energy hovering over our circle, enveloping us all at the same time, accompanied by a feeling of congruence and love. This was a turning point and I was to incorporate Dialogue into creative self-discovery workshops for refugees and home-schooled children, working with the concept of gallery as learning space, funded by the European government. Many times I have experienced a group flow together and I’ve come to know it as koinonia, sohbet or ‘impersonal fellowship‘ (Bohm)

‘Damo Suzuki’ Acrylics on board. (1.5m x 1.5m) Live on stage, 2008.

After a further burst of colour, in 2017 I settled into black paint and inks in a return to the foundations of writing and communication. Intrigued by a diagnosis of Asperger’s, I began working with Dialogue in the autism community and formed Dialogica.