Coaching is about change and action, and its core purpose is to increase self-awareness. It helps make choices clear, and closes the gap between how things are now and how they could be.

I’m a qualified coach and mentor and have a friendly and holistic style, focussing on a relationship of trust, care and sense-making. My approach is integrative-therapeutic (a combination of healing modalities in the areas of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness), drawing on the relational, existential, narrative and transpersonal. I specialise in autism and neurodiversity.

People have many reasons to have coaching, for example, you might be going through a rough patch, a life change (such as coming to terms with an autism diagnosis), need help to clarify your goals, or simply feel you want to excel even further. Having someone to talk to, who listens without judgement can be very powerful. I see coaching as full support and companionship for a while along your journey. By enabling and supporting you to explore your uniquenesses, I will support you in achieving your life goals and living a happier life, which is totally possible!

My qualifications are

  • PG Cert Coaching & Mentoring
  • PG Cert Autism Spectrum
  • BA (Hons) Contemporary Fine Art
  • Certificates in healthcare, business, counselling and conflict mediation.
  • Mindfulness Based Life Enhancement practitioner (MBLE) and guide
  • Intergroup Dialogue Facilitator Training (UHRI)
  • Associate Member of European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC)
  • Co-Founder of Dialogic Action CIC
  • Member of Academy of Professional Dialogue (AOPD)
  • Formulated the Autism Dialogue Approach® and co-founded Dialogic Action CIC
  • Coach and Governance Team Member for Scottish Autism & AT-Autism’s Affinity Project

Personal Experience

I’ve extensive training and influences from many years of working with both Eastern and Western disciplines and a wide field of experience that I draw from in the coaching relationship, that includes parenting, creating education programmes, arts, storytelling, spirituality, therapy and international travel. Currently in Yorkshire and sometimes in my converted van, I’ve also lived on a remote Scottish island. I have set up and ran an international health food business. I’ve practiced chi gong for thirty years, teach meditation and host regular guided group sessions in both dialogue and silence. As a child I had a sense of puzzling lack in the material world and spent my formative years battling to shake the socialising moulds, yearning for meaning and using consciousness shifting techniques such as yoga, alternative paths and plant medicine. I then spent over 20 years in a strict full-time Sufi order, undertaking several overland pilgrimages and retreats including a 40-day solitary seclusion. Societal reintegration brought a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome and ADHD, providing a certain lens with which to view myself and support others. In 2017 in Sheffield I started autism support groups using a special conversation approach, which was made possible with the direct support and encouragement of Professor Liz Milne at the University of Sheffield Autism Research Lab. I now work full time supporting people with coaching and group dialogue. I receive regular supervision and am fully insured.


"Our early rapport contributed towards the confidence I felt in the sessions, and Jonny’s use of incisive questions helped me focus on the issues I wanted to concentrate on, and also resulted in several moments of epiphany when I realised what I truly wanted, rather than what I thought I did. ‘Purpose’ is more important to me than ‘image’." - MC 
“The time I spent in coaching with you has allowed me to put aside all of the negative 'realities'“ (anon)
"I feel that Jonny listened closely to me from the outset and throughout, created an atmosphere that enabled me to make the most of our time together, and enabled me to achieve my aims. I would strongly recommend his Coaching to anyone who has an unresolved or recurrent issue that they would like to address in a positive and assistive environment." - GJ
"Having been used to counselling/therapy session where the counsellor/therapist leaves everything to the client, I was surprised – and delighted – that Jonny was willing to share his personal impression of me. This was probably the most helpful thing from the whole series of sessions and it has taken me off into a whole new area of investigation." - LG
"I just want to tell you how much I appreciate our sessions - you help me see things in a different way and accept myself, and I feel like it's exactly what I need." - anon

The original meaning of the word coach is to carry (from the Hungarian kocsi, the German kotsche and Middle French coche). The meaning for a coach as an instructor or trainer first came about in approximately 1830; it was used as slang at Oxford University for a tutor who “carries” a student through an exam.

Jonny Drury

Allow me to support you on your journey for a while. You can easily set up a time to chat about coaching via email. I work in-person, via phone, video (Zoom, Skype etc.) and email.

I look forward to hearing from you.