A podcast based on Jonny Drury’s work and travels. Each episode will feature a conversation with a dialogue practitioner, participant or a life-traveller. Hit subscribe to make sure you catch all the episodes.

This is a podcast of unscripted, real conversations about real communication, we call it being In Dialogue. They’ll be full of genuine soul-searching and joint enquiry to share with you too.

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In Dialogue with Jacob Kishere, Transformative Dialogue facilitator. InDialogue

Jacob Kishere is a philosopher and practitioner of transformative dialogue: "a practice in which people experience deep listening, meaning, insight & healing". He "creates spaces where we can find coherence and embody wisdom together during a time of civilisational transition". He has a BA in History and an MA in Terrorism, Security & Society.    Jacob designed and runs the courses 'Dialogos & Fellowship' and the 'Men Emerging Initiative' among others and hosts his own podcast channel, SenseSpace.  This personal, explorative interview goes into this first ever meeting of the pair's shared interests of deep dialogue applications, presence philosophy and relational aesthetics, as well as Autism and Sufism. https://www.jacobkishere.com
  1. In Dialogue with Jacob Kishere, Transformative Dialogue facilitator.
  2. In Dialogue with Klas Orsvärn, dialogue researcher and ex-computer, AI and systems scientist.
  3. Raw discussion with the unique and fabulous, US based autistic coach, Heather Cook.
  4. In Conversation with Kai Syng Tan
  5. What is Dialogue Village? Quick intro by Jonny Drury (founder).