In Dialogue

A podcast based on Jonny Drury’s work and travels. Each episode will feature a conversation with a dialogue practitioner, participant or a life-traveller. Hit subscribe to make sure you catch all the episodes.

This is a podcast of unscripted, real conversations about real communication, we call it being In Dialogue. They’ll be full of genuine soul-searching and joint enquiry to share with you too.

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In Dialogue with Klas Orsvärn, dialogue researcher and ex-computer, AI and systems scientist. In Dialogue

Interview conducted between South-West France and Klas' home in Sweden. Klas investigates dialogue and states "My biggest insight from 20+ years of IT entrepreneurship is that we know so little about human cooperation. I believe this lack of understanding contributes to most of the difficulties in organizations, as well as to the crises we see in the world. This issue has been the topic of management research for decades. I'm optimistic about a paradigm shift and feel a mission to contribute.  He spent two years on the multi-disciplinary research programme on complexity in management, founded by Ralph Stacey, at the University of Hertfordshire, UK – rooted in complexity theory, process sociology, pragmatic philosophy, and psychosocial group analysis and who also was instrumental in the founding of Group Analysis, a group therapeutic approach.  Klas investigates how dialogue can emerge between people and what can prevent it, with others who share the interest, researchers and practitioners.
  1. In Dialogue with Klas Orsvärn, dialogue researcher and ex-computer, AI and systems scientist.
  2. Raw discussion with the unique and fabulous, US based autistic coach, Heather Cook.
  3. In Conversation with Kai Syng Tan
  4. What is Dialogue Village? Quick intro by Jonny Drury (founder).
  5. Katherine Long – Wisdom of Self-Healing Systems