A satisfying and holistic lifestyle takes into account mindfulness of body, mind and emotional attention, compassion, healing and healthy diet, relationships, learning and community. Mindfulness can directly address and counteract the negative impacts of autism and modern living. In this programme, we intuitively address the needs of the group participants in a semi-structured way, using guided mindfulness meditation and communication as the vehicle to self-discovery, healing and wholeness.

More info at www.m4a.me

As a regular group and solo practice, encouraged via remote learning and direct communication available with the facilitator, the benefits of a strengths-focussed mindful lifestyle aim to reduce the impact of stress, isolation and fragmentation in you as an autistic person (or a family member of autistic persons), and live a self-aware and fulfilling life.

The 9-week programmes consist of a themed presentation, a guided meditation and a Q&A / conversation. Live and recorded introductory sessions (as above) at Onlinevents.co.uk

Facilitated by Jonny Drury and Kate Salinsky