The Nothing (& Everything) Dialogues

…and all this may not be true.

Open fortnightly meetings on Zoom. Currently on hold.

‘Nothing Dialogues’ are entirely rooted in what is commonly referred to as non-duality. I apply a specific approach in this setting.

Responding to the emptiness from which all form, thought, concept and language arises, these sessions are an opportunity to ‘experience the nothingness’ or ‘the ineffable essence of just this.’

You are welcome to ask questions, share, listen and enquire – expect nothing but being guided to what is apparently happening, which is at once unfindable, unknowable, mysterious and yet perfectly ordinary and beautiful, beyond the mind, beyond concepts, beyond things and beyond you as a separate person.

Unconditioned consciousness is everything that appears, it is not a thing.

Just this…

I would encourage you to sit silently for some time beforehand.

All Welcome.

If asked, please input the password: nothing

The meetings are recorded and by attending you are giving your consent to have your audio/video be included in the recording, which may or may not be shared publicly.

‘Hi Jonny,
Thank you for Nothing Dialogue. Through being there, sensing beyond long constructed, concepts of self, other/s and the world. I was going to write more, but I think perhaps my words will distract from, rather than convey, what sensings and feelings are around. 
Thanks again

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field, I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi.

2021 dates
10am – 11.30pm (UK time)
Sep 25th
Oct 9th & 23rd
November 6th (not 20th)
December 4th & 18th (both 5pm UK time)

Weekly silent meditations continue every Friday 5pm – click here