‘We have the Idea’


Unique art print featuring original ink painting as inspired by Bohm’s quote:

“We have the idea that after we have been thinking something it just evaporates. But thinking doesn’t disappear. It goes somehow into the brain and leaves something, a trace, which becomes thought and then thought acts automatically.” – David Bohm

High quality print on archival quality 200gsm silk art paper.

  • A3 (297 x 420mm) signed.
  • A2 (Poster) unlimited.

Only 100 of each A3 made, each copy signed and numbered on the reverse.

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I was pondering on what thought forms might look like.  Somewhere in our DNA or beyond, there are tiny, tiny pre-meanings, waiting to be born and to do their work in the form of wondrous fluid thinking energy, and then create havoc as crystalised letters and words, static thought and concepts, acting all by themselves…

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