All Welcome
Every Friday 5pm – 5.30pm (UK). (room opens

Out of a life of meditation, spiritual practices and group work was conceived this coming together for the experience of simply being. These regular sessions are a silent, meditative facilitating of non-dual presence and the cultivation of the energy of pure, empty sense-making, that in reality takes place between all people, at all times and without boundaries. All sense-making, or conditional awareness, takes place within sacred unconditional awareness. This collective work aims to reset and refresh our natural state. Silence and emptiness are doors to the all-pervading presence of cosmic unification, which is our ultimate birthright, yet it is the reality that so few people are comfortable with approaching.

Just being together, without speaking, quietly sitting, as we have done since the beginning of time.

What happens?

Join the Zoom room from 15 minutes before the start, to settle in.
Starts promptly on the hour.
A soft bell will ring on the hour and again at half-past.
Having your camera on helps us connect but is not necessary.
Your microphone will be automatically muted.

This is a deeply calm and safe space for you to settle into your own heart and natural presence.
I encourage you to:

– Make sure your space is quiet and you won’t be disturbed.
– Close your eyes or soften a downward gaze, to lessen any distractions.
– Remain alert but relaxed (not slouching or sleeping).
– No need to apply any techniques.
– Have a gentle, innocent curiosity about what’s happening, like a content baby.
– Focus on how you feel, rather than on your thoughts, don’t push anything away.

There are countless meditation techniques but it is enough to just rest in awareness in our group.
After some time observing your thoughts they can get ‘softer and deeper’ as the felt sense of sitting together becomes more important. If this is too strange for you, there are some guided mindfulness sessions here that could serve as a stepping stone.

Why should we meditate together?

Groups of people have come together to sit quietly since the beginning of humanity. It is a very healthy activity and necessary for health and wellness. In our small group, we honour the sacred silence of life as we sit, bringing our special thinking spaces and where each of our most personal, inner experiences live, which cannot ever be described or shared with words.  By sharing the silence we are supported by each other, going beyond our individual personal selves to receive transmission of unconditioned (non-dual) pure awareness. Communities of human fellowship are sometimes called sangha.

Everyone is welcome