My experience, your guidance.

Jonny has been aware of supreme consciousness since an awakening at the age of five years old – a clear and distinct recognition of there being reality behind what was being presented (the subtle beyond the gross) and a sense of a puzzling, fundamental lack in society. After many unsatisfactory formative years looking for this first recognition and a deeper life using techniques including yoga, alternative paths and hallucinogens, he then spent 20 years in a strict full-time Sufi order undertaking several overland pilgrimages and solitary retreats during which he received powerful spiritual openings from his Sheikh, confirming that first childhood experience. Since 2008 he has been chiefly engaged in Advaita Vedanta and the ‘Direct Path’ of non-dual, unity-consciousness. He is a qualified mentor, coach and dialogue facilitator.

In 2017 he formed Dialogica, working in the service of neurodivergent, and particularly autistic people after receiving his own medical diagnosis. Facilitated dialogue is a compassionate approach that taps directly into presence and the energy of sense-making. Using a form of easily learned ‘mindful enquiry’ with groups and individuals, it facilitates a form of cosmic collective communication, which reduces anxiety and restores personal wellbeing and a sense of good potential. Out of this work was conceived ‘Dialogue Without Words‘ – a silent, meditative transmission and harnessing of the ‘clear light of pure sense-making’ that is seen as taking place between all people at all times, without boundaries. There are no words without silence and silence is a door to the all-pervading presence of cosmic unification, which can be experienced quickly with the right guidance.

Jonny’s devotion to supporting others find deeper meaning is focussed on trust, compassion and sense-making using mentoring, guided meditation and dialogue to open up deep inner space for others, individually and in groups. This work is influenced by many years of working in Eastern and Western disciplines and professional training. He is working towards becoming a Dialogic Leadership Coach with the Academy of Professional Dialogue and is a practicing artist, situated in the ‘metaphysics of dialogic expression’, consciousness and love.

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