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Jonny Drury

Return to Being.

If our thinking is fragmented, how can we run efficient systems?

There are those who speak of the crisis in communication. My concern is the loss of selfhood.

True human nature is where an authentic state of harmonic unity with all and everything presides. All our ancient spiritual paths invite us to meet true being and a life of purpose, fulfilment and lasting happiness. So what happened?

From my perspective, at the age of five I had a clear and distinct recognition of there being a reality behind what was being presented by everyone around me and I had a sense of a puzzling, fundamental lack in the material world. I spent my formative years trying to shake the mould and yearning for that first recognition and a deeper life using consciousness shifting techniques such as yoga, alternative paths and plants, I then spent over 20 years in a strict full-time Sufi order, undertaking several overland pilgrimages and retreats including a 40-day khalwa (solitary seclusion), during which I realised the truth that those early childhood glimpses were pointing to. Further arduous training in Vipassana (silent insight) and Atma Vichara (Self-enquiry) led to seeing the separate self as a mirage, and the searching stopped. I have been fortunate to have several true guides and at present I am under the direct tutelage of non-dual master Peter Fenner.

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In 2017 I formed Dialogica, a non-profit company working in the service of neurodivergent and autistic people, and to increase cohesion across autism communities and systems. We do dialogue facilitation, coaching, mentoring and training. Autism is from a Greek word literally meaning ‘self’. Group Dialogue is a facilitated approach, used at all levels of society. With a set of easily learned skills we apply deep mindful enquiry with organisations and groups. Professional dialogue facilitates a form of deep, collective communication to address fragmentation at all levels. Our coaching and mentoring are also specialist, in the field of autism, where we are especially focussed on the oppressed minority voice in stuck and fragmented systems. The approach reduces anxiety, improves personal wellbeing and restores harmony to the whole, to instill a sense of deeper potential and cohesion. Autism is viewed as the catalyst for the greater legacy of Dialogue work, that ultimately aims to address the human crisis of communication and loss of selfhood.

Clients have included many individuals, from students to executives and both private and public sector organisations.

Organisational and group dialogic coaching, training and change consultancy – including Dialogue facilitation and Mindfulness programmes, please enquire directly or see our company website here.

I also host an open silent group meditation every Friday and a Conscious Dialogue session once a month – details here.

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